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Look up the word empowerment in the dictionary and you’ll find that it is described as an investment of power or being supplied with an ability.

Empowerment is a term very commonly and freely used in the self-help arena. Empowering oneself often means that you are giving taking the authority and the responsibility of carrying out discretionary actions to achieve a goal. To empower yourself means to give yourself the authority and capabilities to achieve your personal goals.

However, the term is often used to describe how someone can literally transform their own lives by changing the way they think and feel about themselves. And when their thinking changes, they can control their actions better and work towards being better beings and accomplish more things in shorter periods of time.

Self-empowerment also came to good use in the Human Potential Movement that came out of the social and intellectual milieu in the 1960s. The Human Potential Movement basically worked towards cultivation of extraordinary potential in human beings that are largely left untapped into. The Human Potential Movement strives to tap into the hidden talents of fellow human beings so that everyone can experience exceptional quality of life – become happier, more creative and…ultimately more fulfilled and satisfied with their lives.

Many advocate of self-empowerment don’t believe what they see and sometimes don’t see to believe. In saying this, it means that self-empowerment advocates often go beyond what they see. A fine example would be this – you don’t see air and yet you know it’s there. You don’t see success but it also doesn’t mean it’s not there. So why limit yourself? They believe that whatever it is that you see in your mind is true. As long as a person believe in whatever they are doing, they are right. Although some may disagree with this notion, this is a corollary belief that self-empowerment experts believe in.

Instead of seeing to believe, it would do us all a lot of good if we started to believe what we see. Whatever we choose to believe, that is what we will see. And when we do that, we will start to feel an overwhelming sense of self-empowerment and our lives will take a turn towards the better. We will be better empowered to pursue our beliefs, albeit our desires and goals.

Our world and our minds are often ruled by what we see, hear, feel, smell and say. But we forget – what about what we feel and see in our mind’s eye? Some people say its instincts. True, to a certain extent. Our heart is our sixth sense…and the most important one as well. While normal people will avoid or be indifferent to our deepest potential because we cannot see it, people who are empowered can see beyond what we can because they rely heavily on their sixth sense.

Whatever we believe and feel will become what we see. And this is what self-empowerment is all about – acting on our heart and seeing beyond that which we are accustomed to.

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